FCS Network

Finally after a few months of waiting  FCS has been added to the MMDVM host. FCS is the System Fusion ( C4FM ) network use by DV4Mini and the Shark RF. MMDVM has its own System Fusion network known as YSF. I have tested it on our repeater and my own hotspot. It works really … Continue reading FCS Network


Wires-X Restored

Over the weekend the trust IBM Thinkpad T42p decided that it did not like its network adapters, so some users of the Wires-X system would notice that they would get a system prompt but the rooms were offline. even though the software was running there was no internet connection. After the AVRAC meeting this evening … Continue reading Wires-X Restored


Jonathan Naylor the creator of MMDVM has finished his coding for NXDN bringing a 5th mode to the MMDVM suite. At the moment it only supports the wideband Kenwood radios and type D Icom radios. No word yet if our ardiuno based repeater VO1UHF will support NXDN as the mode requires alot of power to … Continue reading NXDN/iDas